Jury Deliberations Continue At Edwards Trial

May 22, 2012

Jury deliberations continue for a third day this morning in the John Edwards trial at the federal courthouse in Greensboro.

Jeff Tiberii: The jury of eight men and four women looked tense and exhausted as they came back into the courtroom following deliberations on Monday. Two former federal prosecutors speculated that the longer deliberations continue, the worse it is for Edwards. A third law expert said reading too much into the jury’s behavior and requests is just guesswork. Jurors asked for seven additional exhibits yesterday, most of which indicated the jury is looking at the role of Bunny Mellon. The jury has now requested more than 20 pieces of evidence as they make a decision on six alleged counts of campaign finance violations. Edwards is accused of using more than $930,000 from Mellon and another wealthy donor in an attempt to hide his pregnant mistress. The trial is now in its fifth week and the 2004 Vice Presidential nominee faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted.