Judge Questions Possible Jurors in Edwards Case

Apr 17, 2012

The judge in the John Edwards case questioned potential jurors today.

Jeff Tiberii: Judge Catherine Eagles spoke with a total of 24 jurors today. In the morning she posed questions to a group of 12, asking them if they would be able to follow the courts directions and return a verdict of guilty or not guilty based on what the evidence in the trial indicates. Afterward she spoke with each of those prospective jurors in open court one-on-one, asking follow-ups to the questionnaire they filled out last week. Following that, Eagles closed the court and asked some private, personal questions. This entire process repeated in the afternoon. All sides are working toward a final jury pool of about 40. Then on Monday the prosecution and defense begin the striking process, when they can dismiss potential jurors from that group. A court clerk said she expects 12 jurors and four alternates to be seated Monday morning and for opening arguments to begin later in the day. Edwards was as animated as he has been since the jury selection began, conferring with his legal team several times, making eye contact with his family and taking a few notes.