Johnston County Teens Hold Safe Driving Summit

Apr 20, 2013

Credit State Farm Insurance, via Flickr, Creative Commons

Johnston County teenagers will lead a discussion today aimed at stopping deadly crashes involving young drivers.  Organizers of the Teen Driving Summit will welcome students from 12 other counties to discuss safer driving practices among teens.  Johnston County currently has the 4th highest number of deaths among high school-age drivers. 

Lynda Carroll is with the county's Teen Driving Committee.  She says the dialogue will focus on five areas of risky behavior behind the wheel.

"Those areas are seat belt use or the lack thereof, speeding, distracted driving, nighttime driving and the use of alcohol while driving," she said.

This is the first year of the summit.  Organizers hope to not only make it an annual event, but a regular discussion held in every high school across the state.