Jesse Jackson Speaks To NC Delegation

Sep 5, 2012

A variety of speakers came to address the North Carolina delegation to the Democratic Convention this morning. It was a national figure with North Carolina ties who really got the crowd pumped up.

Jesse Jackson is a proud graduate of North Carolina A&T. And he used much of his off-the-cuff speech to the 188-person state delegation to talk about the importance of the New South to President Obama's re-election. At the top of the list was getting out the vote.

Jesse Jackson: "I say to you North Carolina here is our last great challenge. We won the last election here by 14-thousand votes. There are 500,000 blacks in North Carolina unregistered. You mean you are going to A&T in NC and JC Smith or whatever the case may be. And you register for class and not register for vote and you need Pell grants?"

Gubernatorial candidate Walter Dalton also spoke to the delegation this morning. He attacked his Republican opponent Pat McCrory for not doing enough for Charlotte during his tenure as mayor.