Inside The Mind Of A CIA Analyst

Aug 26, 2013

Credit Central Intelligence Agency

Cindy Storer joined the CIA in 1986, and was tracking radicals in Afghanistan long before the names Osama bin Laden or al Qaeda were common knowledge. She attempted to warn policy makers of threats before the Sept. 11 attacks, and we spoke with her about that in April. In this conversation, she talks with guest host Sean Cole about the ways in which the CIA gathers intelligence.

For example, officials said they closed the 19 U.S. embassies in the Middle East in response to an intercepted "message" about a planned attack. We ask: What kind of message?  How was it intercepted? And what’s "chatter?"

Also in this show: as a young black Haitian-American, Constantin Severe had enough run-ins with the police to be wary of them. But when he grew up to become a public defender, he learned to trust officers.