Idol Fans to Cheer Scotty in Finals

May 24, 2011

Fans and friends of Scotty McCreery will gather at Garner High School tonight to watch the hometown star perform one last time in the American Idol competition. The show will air at 8pm on Fox and the winner will be announced tomorrow night. Terry Mascaro was McCreery’s manager at Lowe’s Foods. The 17-year old bagged groceries there even as he made trips to Hollywood to film the show. Mascaro says the town is proud to see Scotty representing Garner on national television. 

Terry Mascaro: "As a person, he’s a terrific kid. Well mannered, very outspoken. He’s the down-to-earth type kid you’d want to see in your neighborhood. He’s just a great representative for the kind of thing Garner stands for."

That small-town affability and his classic country baritone made McCreery an audience favorite early in the season. Mascaro says the only downside to this week’s big finale is that the 14 weeks of celebrating will be over. Fans can see the winners announced at a second viewing party tomorrow night at the RBC Center in Raleigh.