Hydrofoiling Championships Coming to North Carolina

Mar 8, 2012

The U.S. Hydrofoil Association National Championships will come to North Carolina this summer.

Jeff Tiberii: Picture a single water ski with a seat on top and a three foot long rudder underneath. That's a hydrofoil. In this sport competitors sit on the contraption and are towed by a boat. Jim Chismar is President of the US Hydofoil Association:

Jim Chismar: What you're sitting on is the hydrofoil itself. Your seat are strapped in and you're sitting with a seat belt on. It's similar in design to flying an airplane.

The goal is to get lift off the water and perform tricks, jumps and spins. Some participants can 'jump' as high as 20 feet. The event will be held in July on Oak Hollow Lake in High Point. Chismar says the location is a geographical center for the sport's competitors and sponsors.