Hunt Touts Education At DNC

Sep 6, 2012

Former Governor Jim Hunt told a story of North Carolina's growth in education at the Democratic National Convention last night.

Jim Hunt made history as the state's longest serving governor. Last night, he gave a bit of a history lesson. He told delegates where North Carolina was many years ago.

Jim Hunt: "Poor, rural, and rigidly segregated."

And how far it's come...with students learning more now than ever before.

Hunt:  "They'd gone through Smart Start. They'd had great teachers. And companies want to come here to North Carolina to hire them."

Hunt used his signature issue to praise President Obama and highlight learning at all levels. He also delivered a parting shot at the GOP. He said Republicans will use cuts and regulations to spur job growth by magic. He warned his fellow Democrats..

Hunt: This is not a time for America to "believe in magic.