Hundreds in Durham Eat Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Nov 22, 2012

It may be hard to imagine a Thanksgiving feast without meat, refined sugar or dairy products.   But that’s what hundreds of people will have at today’s Vegetarian Thanksgiving in Durham. 


More than 600 people will eat in shifts at Café Parizade in Durham for their annual Vegetarian Thanksgiving.  The event has gotten so popular – that the Triangle Vegetarian Society also hosted a pre-Thanksgiving dinner Sunday at Washington Duke Inn.  Jacobby Jones came down from Rocky Mount for the special feast.

Jacobby Jones:  "This is actually the best that I’ve been to because of the Butterbean cake, the portabella mushrooms that made like a gravy for everything else. So much of this stuff is good I can’t really."

Inge: "You’re speechless."

Jacobby Jones: "Yeah, I’m actually kind of speechless."

The vegetarian dinner cost 27-dollars per adult – less for vegetarian society members and children.  Close to one-thousand people are expected to eat at the two Thanksgiving meals – the largest gathering of its kind in the country.