Humble Tripe

Apr 22, 2011

Shawn Luby of Humble Tripe

Durham-based band Humble Tripe is the musical project of Shawn Luby. After years spent playing classical guitar in competitions, Luby retired from the world of music at the age of 20. He moved from Kansas to North Carolina, working first at a nonprofit, then as a clinical lab scientist. Once he entered his 30s, his desire to play music returned and he formed Humble Tripe with his friends.

Employing unusual instrumentation, raw lyrics, and Luby's delicate voice, the band plays a form of classically-tinged, folky Americana that has endeared them to fans across the area. Band members Shawn Luby, Jess Shell, and Stud Green join host Frank Stasio to talk about their music, friendship, and why it's never too late to start a band.