How The Loyola Ramblers, 1963 NCAA Champions, Changed The Color Of College Basketball

Apr 5, 2013

The Loyola Chicago Ramblers played against Cincinnati in the 1963 N.C.A.A. tournament title game.
Credit Ramblers

The 1963 NCAA Championship game was much more than a battle to decide the best college basketball team in America. It was a loud statement the civil rights movement had begun.

Jerry Harkness was the African American captain of the Loyola Chicago Ramblers.  He tells Dick Gordon about the moment he realized he was part of history, and about his anticipation now of his induction into the NCAA Hall of Fame.

Hear this interview at The Story's website. Also in this show: Brian Banks, who spent more than five years in jail on a false rape accusation, has just signed with the Atlanta Falcons; and the Grammy-winning Nashville banjo picker Jim Mills in his own words.