House Tentatively Passes Commissions Bill, But With Doubts

Mar 1, 2013

N.C. Legislature Building
Credit Dave DeWitt / WUNC

House lawmakers have tentatively passed a bill that would overhaul state boards and commissions, but with some disagreement. Senate Bill 10 would clear out the membership of many important commissions, but House lawmakers have changed the bill to restore some scientific expertise to the Coastal Resources Commission. The House version also does not eliminate 12 special Superior Court judge positions.

Some House Republicans, including John Blust, say despite those changes they’re still uncomfortable with how quickly this bill reached the floor after big changes were made in committee.  

“I have seen no reason why hearing the bill could not have waited until next week," Blust said. 

"And if it were just this bill, I’d probably not have even said anything about this matter, but I just want to be able to nip it in the bud so we start observing the proper processes in this body because that’s the duty you had when you raised your hand and took that oath,” said Blust.

Blust voted for the bill in second reading but he says he may not approve the measure’s third reading, which is expected Monday night.