House Passes Bill Giving Dix Lease Another Year

May 30, 2013

Dorothea Dix campus
Credit Dave DeWitt

Lawmakers in the State House have passed a compromise measure that would give state and Raleigh city officials more time to work out a lease to create a destination park.

The bill would give officials a year to work out a different lease agreement for the city's Dorothea Dix property. It would dissolve the current lease signed by then-Democratic governor Beverly Perdue and Raleigh city officials.

Senate Republicans have already passed a measure that invalidates the lease, but House Republicans want to take more time to settle the issue. Rep. Justin Burr is one of the measure's sponsors.

"This bill makes clear that the legislature cares deeply about the process for how an asset like the Dix campus is transferred. The process should be thoughtful and not rushed," said Burr.

Both Gov. McCrory and Raleigh's mayor, Nancy MacFarlane, support the House bill, but Senate leaders say it would give too much land to the city.