House Passes Abortion Bill 74-41

Jul 11, 2013

The House debated and passed SB 353 today.
Credit Screen Shot, WRAL Broadcast

The State House has passed a bill imposing new restrictions on clinics that perform abortions. The bill passed 74-41. Republicans say the measure is meant to protect the health of women. Republican Jim Fulgium of Wake County is a physician. He says this legislation will provide the rules to protect a woman's health.

"I think this bill gets us to a place we need to be; I honestly don't think it's going to hurt anybody," Fulgium said.  "As we have seen in the last six months, HHS is in the saddle and doing a better job.

Democratic representative Alma Adams of Guilford County criticized GOP efforts to tack restrictive measures onto a motorcycle safety bill.

"No input from stakeholders, no public scrutiny, no transparency--but when you look at the overall outcome of this bill, it's safe to say that it's really not about safety," Adams said. "It's about limiting women's choices, her freedoms, her access and her privacy."

The bill now goes back to the Senate which passed a different version of the proposed rules.