House OKs Concealed Guns In Restaurants, Parks

Mar 30, 2011

A bill passed in the state House would allow residents with concealed handgun permits to carry them into more public places. The measure would allow people with "concealed carry" handgun permits to bring their weapons into restaurants. This includes establishments that serve alcohol.

Republican representative Mark Hilton of Conover says the bill isn't unusual:

" I just wanna remind the members that 40 other states in the U-S already allow you to carry in restaurants that serve alcohol, so this is not a new thing that we're doing here, we're just like I said bringing our state in conformity with the rest of the country."

But it would remain illegal to carry a concealed handgun in a restaurant while drinking alcohol. The measure would also allow concealed carry holders to bring their weapons into parks, although not during official sports events like Little League baseball games. The bill now goes to the state Senate.