House Lawmakers Sponsor School Safety Bill

Mar 28, 2013

A bipartisan group of lawmakers in the state House is behind a school safety bill that would add more law enforcement officers and social workers to schools.

It would include 17 million dollars to add those staff members, as well as a panic alarm system and additional crisis drills and training. Republican Representative Bryan Holloway is from Stokes County.

"The most basic necessity in education is the safety of our students and educators. Without something seemingly so simple, a safe and a secure environment, there can be no progress there can be no learning of our children. The School Safety Act of 2013 in our opinion provides a comprehensive system to protect students and educators in the state of North Carolina," says Holloway.

The measure would help strengthen Governor Pat McCrory's newly announced Center for Safer Schools. It also lists proposals including anonymous tip lines and crisis kits for every school.