House Lawmakers Pass Teacher Tenure Bill

Apr 18, 2013

NC Legislative building
Credit NC General Assembly

House lawmakers have passed a bill that would revamp teacher tenure in North Carolina. The measure has bipartisan support and passed 113 to 1.

Republican representative Brian Holloway is one of the bill's sponsors. He says right now teachers receive tenure after four years of working in the same district.

"Once you achieve it, you've got it. So how does this help us with our effort to try to make sure we have high performing, very effective teachers in the classroom. It basically uses the Colorado model, but equips it so that it fits in North Carolina. And it sets up a probationary/non-probationary status," says Holloway.

Teachers would be considered non-probationary after four years, but would be required to undergo yearly evaluations. Two bad evaluations in a row could mean a pink slip.

The bill now goes to the Senate. Lawmakers in the Senate have already passed a different measure that would phase out teacher tenure completely.