House Lawmakers Pass Controversial Development Bill

Jun 28, 2013

NC House chambers
Credit NCGA

Lawmakers in the state House have passed a controversial bill that would extend water and sewer lines to a mixed-use development outside Durham city limits. The Durham city council recently voted against providing services to the 167 acre 751 project. But its developers have lobbied state legislators to get access, saying the plan will bring jobs to the area. Republican representative Tim Moore says he believes in the spirit of the planned development.

"This bill is about property rights," Moore says. "And some are going to get up and say that this is meddling in a local issue. Members, these folks are residents of North Carolina. When we come here and we take our seats, we swore an oath to represent the people of North Carolina, not just one county, not just one town, but everybody here."

But opponents of the project say the development will extend urban sprawl in the southern part of the county. Environmentalists worry it will further degrade water quality in the Jordan Lake watershed.