House Lawmakers Override Governor's Vetoes

Sep 4, 2013

NC General Assembly
Credit Credit NC General Assembly

Lawmakers in the state House have voted to override Governor McCrory's vetoes on two bills.

One measure contains a provision designed to give farmers more leeway to check the immigration status of their workers. Democratic Representative Larry Hall says that's something farmers need.

"This bill gives them an opportunity to have more stability in their workforce. It doesn't force anyone to do anything illegal, doesn't force anyone to hire anyone from any other state, or from this state. It expresses the confidence in our farmers and their integrity. And it gives them an opportunity to have a stable workforce," says Hall.

Lobbyists for the agriculture industry have worked hard to convince legislators to override the veto.

Members of the Senate will take up both measures this morning, and they're widely expected to follow the House's lead to override both of the governor's vetoes.