House Democrats File Bill To Stop Pink Licenses

Mar 5, 2013

Some state House Democrats are speaking out against a move to create pink driver's licenses to identify young immigrants.  House Bill 184 would prohibit the state Department of Motor Vehicles from issuing the licenses to young people who are legally in this country under the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.  The proposed licenses would have a pink strip at the top and the phrase "No Lawful Status."  Durham representative Paul Leubke is one of the bill's sponsors.

Credit NCDOT

"It's acting as if the young people under the DACA program are somehow still not legal even though they have legal presence, the right to work, the right to have a social security card," Leubke said.   "Why is..the North Carolina state government jumping in at such speed?"

Youths who would have to carry the special licenses and local clergy spoke out against the proposal that is being supported by Governor Pat McCrory.  They feel it represents a path to discrimination against non-citizens.