House Considers Tort Reform

Apr 1, 2011

Members of the state house heard arguments from both sides yesterday on a tort reform bill making it's way through the legislature. The bill mirrors much of the medical malpractice bill passed recently by the state Senate. It would place a cap on non-economic damages and limit liability for emergency doctors. The bill also would make it harder to sue manufacturers for defective products.  Attorney Janet Ward Black from Greensboro opposes it. In a committee hearing webcast on WRAL, she said no other state has such sweeping product liability language on its books:

"Almost every single product whether it's manufactured in North Carolina, another state or another country is affected by this bill. And what it does basically is provide immunity, amnesty for manufacturers of products as long as some agency was regulating them."

Proponents of the bill say adjusting liability law makes the legal system more predictable and helps business.