House Committee Passes Teacher Tenure Bill

Apr 17, 2013


A state House committee has approved a measure in committee that would revamp teacher tenure in the state.

House Bill 719 would change North Carolina's system of teacher tenure, replacing current job protections that educators receive after teaching for four years in the same district.

Under the bill, teachers would be considered "non-probationary" after four years but they would have to undergo yearly evaluations. A teacher would go on probation if he or she received bad evaluations for two years in a row, and could be fired at will.

Republican Rep. Bryan Holloway says the idea is modeled after Colorado's tenure system. Democratic Rep. Rick Glazier is also a sponsor.

The bill differs from a more stringent Senate measure that would phase out teacher tenure completely by 2018. Speaker of the House Thom Tillis has said he expects both bills to pass their chambers and then lawmakers will have to iron out the differences.

House Bill 719 is expected to reach the floor for a vote this week.