House and Senate Leaders Agree on Basic Budget Framework

Jul 28, 2014

Credit Jorge Valencia

Leaders of the state House and Senate have agreed on a framework for a budget for the fiscal year that has already started. They're expected to spell out the details this week.

Late Saturday afternoon, Speaker of the House Thom Tillis and Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger both tweeted that their chambers had agreed upon a budget framework. They said they'd release more details this week.

The spending plan is expected to include teacher raises of about 7 percent and save teacher assistants' jobs.

The public agreement came after the New York Times printed a front page article on Saturday about North Carolina's budget stalemate that laid out the tensions between leaders in the Senate on one side and the House and Governor McCrory on the other.

In an interview with WUNC on Friday afternoon, McCrory said he would definitely consider vetoing a budget that didn't address his issues and concerns.