Hospital Implanting New Heart Device

Dec 13, 2011

One North Carolina hospital is using a new device to help patients who have congestive heart failure.

Wake Forest Baptist health is the first hospital in the state implanting the dual ventricular lead. In laymans terms it’s a more advanced pacemaker. The small device will help hearts pump more blood and with a better rhythm. Dr. Glenn Brammer is a Cardiac Electro Physiologist. He says this device also has 10 internal vectors that allow physicians options after the procedure. 

Glenn Brammer: "We can program with a touch of a button what areas we stimulate, versus having to physically move the lead to a different spot in the heart. We’re able to do it electronically once this lead is in there."

Brammer says the new device is a huge advance over historical devices. It was approved by the FDA two weeks ago, cuts down on procedure time and reduces the need for a second procedure.