Homeless Disabled Vets to Get Durham Housing

Feb 27, 2012

Durham will soon be home to some of North Carolina's first housing for homeless veterans with disabilities. The 10-unit complex near Northgate Mall will have affordable rents and will connect tenants with support services.

Jess Brandes is projects coordinator for CASA, the nonprofit developing the site. She says Durham has a lot of services for veterans because of the VA medical center there.

Jess Brandes: We think that by the time our permanent housing building is completed there will be 88 units of transitional housing for veterans throughout Durham, which is great news. But we hope that this project fills in that next step: if they still need permanent supportive housing after their 2 years in transitional housing they'd be able to move into this project.

CASA has secured a combination of federal, state and city funding for the 1-point-3 million dollar project. It's slated for completion early next year, along with a similar project in Raleigh.