Herbalife Bringing 500 Jobs To Triad

Dec 20, 2012

A nutrition and skin care company has selected Winston-Salem as the site for its new east coast manufacturing plant. Herbalife will bring nearly 500 new jobs to the city.

The California based company chose a Winston-Salem plant that was previously occupied by Dell. The computer maker couldn't meet certain job thresholds and later returned all of the economic incentives it received from the City and County. Herbalife is purchasing the facility from Dell for $22 million, less than half of the property's value. Mayor Allen Joines.

Allen Joines: "I think what's different about this company is that they provide a product that's going to be needed for a long period of time. As was stated here, with obesity and other health issues, it's kind of a more stable kind of product."

Joines projects the city will make 400 thousand dollars annually from the move. Herbalife is getting incentives from the city, county and state. The company chose North Carolina over a site outside of Atlanta.