Health Workers Help Clients Understand Affordable Care Act

Oct 31, 2013

Credit Mercy Health

Health workers who target low-income communities across the state are working to make sure their clients know they can receive health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Rebecca Whitaker is with the North Carolina Community Health Center Association. Community Health Centers are neighborhood practices in what are known as medically underserved areas. She says health care workers have been pairing up with organizations from utilities to elder care agencies who employ uninsured caregivers to get the word out.

"I can think of one example in rural western North Carolina and one example in rural eastern North Carolina, where a consumer was ecstatic, because they were able to enroll in a plan that had a premium of 6 dollars a month after the application of premiums, tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies," said Whitaker.

Whitaker says despite some of the I-T problems associated with enrolling online, health center workers are helping potential customers navigate the website and fill out paper forms.

She says it will be some time before state officials know how many North Carolinians have actually signed up.