Health Officials Urge North Carolinians To Prepare For Flu Season With Better Vaccine

Sep 21, 2015

North Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services is urging people to get the flu shot now, a month before flu season is supposed to get started.

Last year's flu season was particularly nasty.

The Centers for Disease Control released a vaccine that was only 13-percent effective against a mutated strain of Type A flu going around. North Carolina's Acting State Health Director, Dr. Megan Davies, says flu season started early over the past three years. North Carolina lost 218 people to influenza last season; that was a record over the past six years.

But even as that mutated flu strain rears up for fall, the CDC says this year's vaccine will be much more capable. It should help whether you get the classic shot, or choose the nasal spray option.

Dr. Davies says the flu shot can be an important protection for small children, seniors, pregnant women, and people with heart and respiratory conditions.