Hatteras Venture Partners raises $125M

Jan 11, 2013

Hatteras Venture Partners of Durham is having one of its biggest years yet.

Hatteras Venture Partners has raised 125-million dollars, thanks to the Small Business Administration’s Early Stage Innovation Fund Initiative.  It’s the first venture capital firm in the country to be licensed through the program, becoming eligible for up to 50-million dollars in S-B-A-guaranteed loans.  Sean Greene is the Associate Administrator for Investment at the S-B-A.

Sean Greene:  "I think the Raleigh-Durham area is a great example of a strong, innovative ecosystem with lots of great companies that need, that need more capital."

Clay Thorp is a General Partner and co-founder of Hatteras Venture Partners.

Clay Thorp:  "Often we’re the first investor, sometimes we’re the investor when it’s an idea.  And if you are going to do that kind of work, it benefits you to be close to the companies you invest in."

Hatteras Venture Partners funds start-ups in bio-pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical devices.