Hatteras Ferry Could Be Delayed

Sep 18, 2012

Department of Transportation officials want coastal residents to be aware that the rainy, windy weather could delay the ferry from Ocracoke Island to Hatteras Island. The Army Corps of Engineers dredged Hatteras Inlet back in May. But DOT spokeswoman Lucy Wallace says shoaling in Hatteras Inlet means it will have to be dredged again. In the meantime, she says passengers should keep an eye on the ferry schedule.

"We just want everyone to know that there is the chance that we may have to delay some runs or possibly not take a full load for weight restrictions, says Lucy Wallace.  "And if it deteriorates any more, then we might actually have to some cancellations."
Wallace says the inlet has been especially problematic since Hurricane Irene last year. The Army Corps of Engineers is scheduled to dredge Hatteras Inlet again in a few weeks.