Hagan Welcomes Immigration Reform Proposal

Jan 30, 2013

North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan
Credit www.hagan.senate.gov

Senators from both sides of the political aisle have come to a compromise on federal immigration reform.  North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan is welcoming an immigration proposal from a group of eight of her colleagues. Their proposal seeks to revamp the system that allows immigrants into the country as well as create a citizenship pathway for the millions of immigrants currently in the country illegally. 

Hagan is praising her colleagues for working across the political divide to hammer out a compromise: “I think too many important issues have gone unaddressed in Washington because of the partisanship and the bickering and the gamesmanship. So I truly am pleased...that this group of senators has reached consensus on principles for reforming our broken immigration system.”

The North Carolina Democrat says she's looking forward to reviewing the deal.  Republican U.S. Senator Richard Burr said in a statement that this deal is so far just "a proposal".  He says he'll review it and work with senators to craft a policy.