Hagan Expects Defense Spending to Increase in NC

Feb 2, 2012

U.S. Senator Kay Hagan says she'll fight to protect North Carolina's military institutions from recently-announced defense cuts. But Hagan told WUNC the Pentagon's plans include certain funding increases as well.

Kay Hagan: The increase will be in areas of cyber-security, special operations forces, and areas like that. And that's gonna be where the increases in the budget are actually going. And in North Carolina, in Fayetteville at Fort Bragg, USASOC is headquartered there, and that's where all our special operations forces are administered from.

Hagan is a Democrat who sits on the Armed Services Committee. She says North Carolina will benefit from increased resources for those areas. Hagan also says she's working to increase military contracting in the state. She says North Carolina has the third-largest military footprint in the country but ranks 26th in defense contracts.