Hagan Asks US Attorney General To Examine NC's Voter ID Law

Aug 28, 2013

Kay Hagan is urging the US Attorney General to review NC's Voter ID law.
Credit Third Way Think Tank via Flickr, Creative Commons

U.S. Senator Kay Hagan says she's asked the nation's Attorney General to look into the state's new Voter ID law.  The North Carolina Democrat says she wanted Eric Holder to examine the legislation signed this month by Republican Governor Pat McCrory.  Hagan says the law enacts restrictions that could suppress voter turnout among minorities, as well as younger and older voters.  Supporters say it's intended to prevent fraud at the polls.  Hagan told WUNC's Frank Stasio those instances barely exist.

"The North Carolina Board of Elections has found that voter impersonation that would be prevented by the photo ID has occurred two times in the last ten years," Hagan says. "Two times in the last ten years.  And I really think that voter fraud in that perspective is just a red herring."

You can hear more from Senator Hagan on Voter ID as well as her thoughts on immigration reform and the federal budget in the link above.