Guilford County Students To Get Tablets

Apr 26, 2013

Students in a Guilford County school classroom on computers.
Credit Guilford County Schools

This fall about 13,000 middle school students in the Guilford County Schools district will receive tablets. It’s part of a $30 million Race to the Top grant that Guilford won last year. Administrators and teachers will receive training from a company called Amplify in the coming months. 

Jake Henry, with Guilford County Schools, oversees the tablet program. He says each tablet will include pre-loaded content, embedded textbooks, and safety measures to lock the device if stolen, "Including assessment tools that will help us understand exactly where students are in terms of their learning and what we need to do to tweak our instruction to meet their individual needs," he says.

The school system will lease the tablets from Amplify for an annual cost of $214 each.