Group Sues to Block Billboard Rules

Mar 1, 2012

An environmental group is trying to halt new rules that allow more vegetation to be cut around billboards that line the state's roadways. Billboard owners say the new guidelines are needed to preserve visibility. But the group Scenic NC has filed a lawsuit seeking a temporary restraining order on the rules, which go into effect today. Molly Diggins is the executive director of the North Carolina chapter of the Sierra Club. She says the law allows clear cutting in front of the signs with no mandate for tree replacement.

Molly Diggins: What is clear however is that the department of transportation in issuing these temporary rules initially put in a requirement that there be re-planting and in the face of opposition from industry that requirement was removed.

A hearing is scheduled in Wake Superior Court this afternoon. Scenic NC maintains the public didn't get an opportunity for input into the new rules.