Greensboro Pushes "One Job" Initiative

Sep 6, 2011

The city of Greensboro is taking a lesson from Atlanta on how to help spur job growth in its community. 

Deborah Hooper is president of the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce.  And she says the feed-back has been positive since announcing the new initiative – "One Job For Greensboro.”  The idea is for all 16-thousand employers in the city to add at least one full-time worker to their rolls in the next year.

Deborah Hooper:  "I literally get some emails that say they loved the state of our community luncheon. Just to let you know we plan on hiring four people as part of the jobs initiative.  And so, I am very encouraged by this."

The city of Greensboro and the Guilford Merchants Association are also involved with “One Job For Greensboro.”  “Hire One Atlanta” has already produced 13-thousand new jobs.