Greensboro Police To Hold More Community Forums

Oct 9, 2012

Greensboro Police will share recent accomplishments and listen to residents when a second round of community forums begins tonight.

Jeff Tiberii: Police Chief Ken Miller started these events last year with the hope of highlighting some of his department's initiatives while building better communication with local citizens. The Police Department says between 25 and 50 residents turned out to the first wave of forums. Captain Brian Cheek:

Brian Cheek: Most folks are not afraid or have a fear of being the victim of a violent crime. For the majority a lot of the issues they face in their communities are quality of life issues, such as loitering on the street corner, loud music or youth crimes and things of that nature.

Chief Miller will present a powerpoint followed by an opportunity for residents to ask questions and share concerns. Each forum is open to the public. They begin at 6:30 pm and are expected to last two hours.