Greensboro Performing Arts Center Won't Be On November Ballot

Jun 21, 2012

Voters in Greensboro will not see a referendum for a new performing arts center on the November ballot.

Jeff Tiberii: A task force has been studying the feasibility of a new downtown arts venue. They had hoped a $20 million bond referendum would be posed to voters this fall. But the City Council ultimately decided it was not comfortable moving the issue forward. Ross Harris is one of 80 task force members working for the arts center.

Ross Harris: Before we got to the voters we did want to make sure that we really did have all those answers and it just wasn’t going to be possible to get them by the time the council meets and votes on putting this issue on that ballot in November.

The City Council wants more details about location and funding. The cost of a new arts center has been estimated at about $50 million with more than half coming from the city. Harris says they have more than $15 million in pledged support.