Greensboro Mayor Faces Personal Home Foreclosure

Nov 13, 2012

The mayor of Greensboro is trying to avoid having his home foreclosed on while paying down his debts to the IRS.

Mayor Robbie Perkins has been in commercial real estate for 32 years. He says an industry depression combined with a split from his wife has left him in a bad financial circumstance. The IRS put a lien on his Greensboro home early this year in an effort to get him to pay some of the $86,000 he owed in federal taxes.

Robbie Perkins:" I paid that down to $30,000 dollars at this point. And that tax lien went on as part of an installment agreement I have with the IRS, so I pay them every month."

Perkins says he has a buyer for his house, but his estranged wife is unwilling to sell at the current price. The first-term mayor says the financial challenges will not affect his ability to lead the city of Greensboro.