Greensboro Council Members Propose Loan To Help Civil Rights Museum

Aug 30, 2013

Credit Jeff Tiberii

There is a deal on the table to help keep the doors of the International Civil Rights Center and Museum in Greensboro open.   The museum, at the site of a famous lunch counter sit-in in 1960, has been struggling financially. 

Now, the city's mayor and three council members will bring a potential loan package to the full council.  Museum officials requested $1.5 million.  The city's plan calls for a total of $750,000 and creates committees to help oversee operations.  

Council will also be represented with two seats on the board.  Councilwoman Nancy Vaughan helped negotiate the tentative deal.

"No one has said that we don't want the museum or it shouldn't be here," Vaughan says.  "I think we all see the importance of it and I think it's something in our history that we should be proud of.  We just have to find a way to get the museum to be self sustaining."

Vaughn has been critical of the way the museum has handled tours in the past.  The full Greensboro council will discuss the deal Tuesday.