Governor Says Lawmakers Have Budget Differences

Jun 23, 2014

Credit Dave DeWitt

Gov. Pat McCrory says he and budget negotiators in the state House and Senate have serious differences over Medicaid budget forecasts and education spending. He spoke with reporters on Monday, saying he was taking precautions in case lawmakers aren't able to put together a budget before July 1st. 

"At least eight days from now we're going to begin a new fiscal year. As of today, the General Assembly has not yet passed an amended budget for 2014-2015. So I want to let you know that  as governor, I'm preparing for the new fiscal year just in case actions aren't taken during the next eight days," says McCrory.

The governor has asked his budget director to issue measures and instructions to state officials in case lawmakers don't agree on a budget plan by the deadline. He says he is communicating with leaders of both chambers about their negotiations.