Governor Perdue Vetoes General Assembly Budget

Jun 29, 2012

Governor Bev Perdue has vetoed the budget sent to her by the Republican-led General Assembly. This marks the second year in a row the governor has used her veto stamp on a legislative spending plan. Perdue said this morning in a news conference that she was willing to compromise but was rebuffed by the GOP leadership.

Gov. Bev Perdue: Despite my core belief that they would come to some kind of middle ground, some sort of consensus, And in the last weeks, not even a middle ground that they would give just a little , not even halfway. They said no, no, no. Take it or leave it.

The Legislature will attempt to override her veto next week. The Senate may have enough majority votes to cancel a Perdue veto. Five Democrats who voted with the House majority last year are again being courted by both sides in this budget battle.