Governor Chooses Hybrid Health Exchange Option

Nov 15, 2012

State officials have decided to choose a health exchange option that is a state-federal partnership. The Affordable Care Act requires states to declare by tomorrow whether they want a federal or hybrid exchange. Governor Bev Perdue announced the choice today in a news conference broadcast by News 14 Carolina, saying it's the best arrangement for the state to pursue right now.

Bev Perdue: "It allows the federal government to act as our partner. We've had discussions with the Secretary in Washington about this. And for the new incoming governor and the administration- it also is really important to them- it preserves their ability whatever their choices will be as an administration to move toward that decision fairly quickly."

Perdue says if the governor-elect and legislators decide they want an exclusively federal or exclusively state-run exchange, this choice allows them to change course. State officials have applied for a federal grant that will cover North Carolina's costs for the exchange.