Gov. McCrory Calls Federal Lawsuit On New Voting Rules An 'Overreach'

Oct 1, 2013

NC Governor Pat Mc Crory
Credit NC Governor's Office

North Carolina governor Pat McCrory has criticized the federal Justice Department's lawsuit alleging racial discrimination over new voting rules as a government overreach.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder criticized the law signed by McCrory in August, saying changes such as restrictions on certain types of ID and fewer early-voting hours would reduce participation rather than expand it. 

The governor answered Holder by talking about a video he saw from the last election of President Obama showing a photo ID at the ballot box in his home state.

"I believe if showing a voter ID is good enough and fair enough for our own president in Illinois, then it's good enough for the people of North Carolina," says McCrory. 

"I believe our federal attorney general disagrees with the vast majority of citizens in North Carolina on this issue. In fact I believe the federal government action is an overreach and without merit."

McCrory says his office has hired attorneys to work with the General Assembly's legal counsel and the state attorney general to defend North Carolina against this federal challenge.