GOP VP Candidate Paul Ryan Visits Raleigh

Aug 22, 2012

Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan spoke at a campaign rally in Raleigh today. The Wisconsin congressman's appearance marks his second visit to North Carolina since being named Mitt Romney's running mate. He met supporters at a sheet metal design company that he toured shortly before taking the stage. Ryan continued delivering the message of what the G-O-P says is the president's failed plans to create jobs. He used North Carolina as the example.

Paul Ryan: A state that's known for its research. A state that's known for it's dynamic economy. It's a state that right now has a 9-point-6 percent unemployment rate. That's unacceptable.

Ryan will remain in Raleigh to attend a fundraiser today at a private home. The visit comes just five days before the start of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.