GOP Seeks To Override Governor's Vetoes

Mar 10, 2011

State lawmakers tried to override two measures the governor has already vetoed during this legislative session.

The State Senate voted 31 to 19 to override Governor Perdue's veto of Senate Bill 13. It's a budget bill that would require her to dip into economic incentive money to ease the state's impending budget shortfall. The measure needs 72 votes to pass in the House, if Republican leaders call for a floor vote there. Republicans disagree with the governor's decision earlier this week to borrow from different pots of state money to bolster the general fund as it's paying out refunds to taxpayers.

But Republicans criticize the governor for using money they say would ease a looming budget shortfall. Meanwhile, Republican leaders in the House also called for a vote yesterday to override House Bill 2. It would opt North Carolina out of the federal health reform law. But not enough members of the House voted in favor of overriding the veto.