GOP Objects To Perdue Plan To Pay Tax Refunds

Mar 9, 2011

Governor Perdue plans to move nearly five hundred million dollars into the state's general fund to help pay tax refunds.

The governor says reserves are running low and that's why she needs to borrow from about a dozen different pots of money in order to pay North Carolinians their tax refunds. Republicans have cried foul, saying the governor has chosen to use money they'd like to access to ease the state's impending budget shortfall. Thom Tillis is the Speaker of the House:

"We talk about bipartisan cooperation, we talk about working together, we get this at seven o'clock on a Monday night before it's released, there hasn't been any cooperation, I know that my office wasn't contacted before we were informed, it's just a reactionary approach to managing a fiscal crisis that makes no sense."

The governor says the money will be paid back with interest before July first.