Goldman Asks Media To Refocus On Auditor's Race

Nov 5, 2012

Republican Debra Goldman held a news conference today to ask media to keep personal matters out of her campaign for State Auditor.

Gurnal Scott: Goldman and her attorney John Austin said alleged romantic rumors about her and fellow Wake County school board member Chris Malone are being overemphasized. Austin played tape of a conversation between Goldman, Malone and former school board Chairman Ron Margiotta. Austin would not allow the audio to be recorded. In it Goldman asks them not to send her personal texts or emails. Malone responded on the tape saying he thought the contact was professional. Goldman called media coverage of the rumors..

Debra Goldman: A gross distraction from the race at hand. A lot of it's been put in as a guise to talk about what I see as gossip and inaccuracies.

Chris Malone is running for a state house seat. He has not responded to requests for comment. Goldman also criticized state Auditor Beth Wood during the news conference.