Gay Presbyterian Minister in Chapel Hill

Feb 22, 2012

One of the first openly gay ministers in the Presbyterian church will soon be ordained at a Chapel Hill church. Katie Ricks is the first openly lesbian pastor in the nation to gain approval since the Presbyterian Church began allowing homosexuals to serve last year. She met with the church's local governing body before its vote last weekend. She says she addressed some members' concerns that same-sex relationships are not accepted by God.

Katie Ricks: I believe that God created everything seen and unseen, and I know that this isn't a choice. This is a part of who I am - it's a small piece of who I am, being a lesbian is and it's just how God created me. And knowing that, then I seek to live faithfully as God has called me to.

Ricks will be formally ordained in April. She has been serving as an associate in ministry at Chapel Hill's Church of Reconciliation for almost a decade, but she hasn't been allowed to perform baptisms, weddings or communion.