Gas Prices Top 3 Dollars A Gallon

Dec 30, 2010

Drivers in North Carolina are paying more for gas than they have in the past two years. Average gasoline prices have topped 3 dollars per gallon according to Triple A. Tom Crosby is with Triple A Carolinas.

"Prices are going up, mostly because of the poor economy, the weak dollar. Our weak dollar is causing investments in Euros in crude oil. Crude oil is selling for over 90 dollars a barrel, which, that’s the first time it’s been that high in two years. When crude oil prices go up, the oil companies raise prices at the pump."

Crosby says another reason is that refineries shift to producing fuel oil rather than gasoline during periods of cold weather because it’s more profitable. That puts a strain on our gasoline supply. He predicts prices will hover around 3 dollars for at least the next few weeks. 

See Triple A's fuel gauge report: